NOTE: When editing the Wiki, if you try to save and you get logged out, it is probably because someone else is trying to edit the same page (or maybe even the same wiki) at the same time. If this happens a few times in a row, just try editing it later.

Question: How do I edit this wiki?

  • To edit a page, click the "Edit This Page" button onthe upper right corner of the page you want to edit.
  • Then, just start typing!
  • If you want to change the size of the font, click the drop down menu at the top that states "normal" and then choose your font size!
  • If you want to change the color of some text:
    • First, write the text. Then select the text you want to color.
    • Then, click the button at the top of the page marked "T" with what looks like paint beneath it
    • Choose the color you want and click apply!

  • The bold, italics, and underline keys work just as they do in programs like Microsoft Word!

Question: How do I upload a document/picture to the wiki and embed it?

---Note: If it is a picture, you often can just "copy" and the "paste" the picture right into the page and it works pretty well, otherwise follow this process.---
  1. Put the "cursor" where you want the file/picture to be embeded on the page.
  2. Click the button on the wiki tool bar that reads "File" with a picture next to it.
  3. Click the "upload" button on the right side of window that pops up.
  4. Find the file that is either on your computer or portable storage device.
  5. When it has uploaded, you will see the pop-up window you saw before to upload the document. Your document/picture should now be listed. If it is not, the document was not properly uploaded, try again. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
  6. If it worked, just select your document from the list and it will be embeded!

Question: How do I insert a link to a webpage?

---Note: This copy and paste process is the same for a normal document! ---
  1. Select the web link that you wish to copy, left click, and select "copy".
  2. To edit the wiki page, click the "Edit This Page" button onthe upper right corner of the page you want to edit.
  3. Place the cursor where you want to place the link, and select paste!

Question: I tried to edit the page but the change looks awful! How do I change it back???

  1. Try the button on the wiki tool bar in the upper right corner that looks like a "back arrow". If you scroll your mouse over it, the word "undo" pops up. Click this button.
  2. If that doesn't the "Cancel" button on wiki tool bar and make the change again....sorry. This shows why it is important to SAVE FREQUENTLY!