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physic pic 1.jpg

This is a circuit designed by Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb.
edison circuit.jpg

This is Edison's design for an electric telegraph that could send and receive signals faster than earlier models.

electric telegraph.jpg

And of course, here is his design for the electric light bulb.


Here's a clear diagram of some of the symbols we saw in class, along with some others that seem interesting.
Image of Macro View of Computer Circuits.  Motherboard or microchip closeup.
Image of Macro View of Computer Circuits. Motherboard or microchip closeup.

In this picture of a computer's circuit board, we see real life applications of what we've learned in class.
external image early_912_wiring.jpg
This is a circuit for a car. It's a more complicated version of what we've seen. I wouldn't want to calculate the Req of this!

external image triangle.gif
Here's a cool trick to make sure you never miscalculate while using Ohm's Law!

da capacitor.jpg

This image contains the entrails of a capacitor, be warned

The only real reason angiosperms give us a battery and food in one package

It is very important not to forget to measure the voltage of your fruits prior to ingesting

A somewhat clearer image of how electrons flow in the wire







(Although this seems pretty remedial, it's a cute way to make sure you've mastered your circuit basics!)
(This is an article about how scientists have used trees to generate voltage for electric circuits! Pretty interesting stuff.)
(These are some practice problems to help you review what we've been learning.)
(This website has information about the history of electricity. Strangely, Jean-Claude Van Damme is not mentioned.)

(Khan academy never fails. Here's a solution to a circuits problem we'd be familiar with.)
(Bill Nye is my main man. Here he talks about electrical circuits.)
(Who doesn't love School House Rock? Warning: you will get this song stuck in your head.)
(Here's an explanation for problem 20-93.)

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